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The Shortcut was launched by tech expert Matt Swider on November 8, 2021 and has one million social media followers. He has 25 years of experience being a renowned technology journalist, is the former US Editor-in-Chief of TechRadar and is among the top tech reporters in the US on Twitter. He has has his journalism degree from Penn State University and launched Gaming Target while also contributing to publications Ars Technica, G4TV, GamePro, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and even some local US newspapers.

Matt has grown a team of credible journalists at The Shortcut, including former TechRadar members Adam Vjestica and Kevin Lee, following success helping people with each PS5 restock and the ongoing PlayStation Portal restock. Matt has most recently launched his Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review, exploring the colors and specs of the new phone and offered a first look the Samsung Galaxy Ring. His years of mobile review expertise including offering an in-depth iPhone 15 Pro Max review and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review.

About The Shortcut

I started The Shortcut to simplify your life. I'm here to tell you what technology to buy and how to save money – right in your email – without burying the answers in the fifth paragraph. I have a motto for The Shortcut: "Down with dwell time," unlike websites that try to artificially keep you on pages longer (it’s not you’re imagination – they really do that). I get straight to the point to save you time and track deals to save you money.

I've proven that I can deliver timely information to purchase hard-to-find products, adding 1 million Twitter followers in 2022 with my PS5 and Xbox restock tweets

I'm an early adopter of tech, yet I still find clever ways to get major discounts and to work more efficiently than most people. That speaks to the name The Shortcut. I want to pass on that time-and-money-saving information to people in their inboxes, like any good journalist would want to do.

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Why subscribe to The Shortcut?

  • I’ve helped you secure a PS5, Xbox or other hard-to-find gadgets

  • You don’t yet have PS5, Xbox, etc and need my help!

  • You want to support independent journalism

  • You love technology and saving money

I've proven that I can deliver timely information to purchase hard-to-find products while supply is constrained, adding 1 million Twitter followers with my PS5 restock and Xbox restock tweets. I struggled to deliver that on a normal website. It was luck if consoles were in stock when people were on those pages. Pushing my alerts directly to consumers' Twitter notifications and email inboxes is a game-changer.

Please consider subscribing to support my quest to continue to help people.

My PS5 restock information and strategy tips – which have worked for the 200,000 people I've coached – is a launch point for the advice I want to deliver. But it's just the start of the relationship I want to build with my Substack subscribers.

But it's just the start of the relationship I want to build with my Substack subscribers.

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The Shortcut and Matt Swider in the news

My ability to help people with “service journalism” during the global chip shortage has been written about by several top publications. Here are some a sample:

Who is Matt Swider?

Tech journalist and expert Matt Swider reaching one million Twitter followers in front of a multi-monitor setup

I’m a tech journalist who’s been writing about gadgets and video games for 25 years. At age 14, I started a video game news and reviews website called Gaming Target and spent 9 years at TechRadar.com, where I became the US Editor-in-Chief.

I’ve tested 1,000+ gadgets and games in my lifetime and I don’t plan to stop seeking what’s new and novel, and then tell you about it on Substack and other platforms.

Tech journalist and expert Matt Swider reviewing an iPhone at an Apple event

Will there be tech reviews on The Shortcut?

Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review shows I’m emphasizing two things:

  1. Brevity – no one wants to read a 10,000-word review. Often, people just want to ask: “Is this good? Should I buy something else?”

  2. FAQs – I want YOU to ask my questions when I haven’t covered a topic. You can reach out to me via Twitter.

My work ethic has enabled me to risk everything to start The Shortcut

Final pitch: how about a 1:1 experience?

This is designed to be a 1:1 experience. I reply to about 1,000 messages each week, and I love the support I’ve gotten from everyone in return. My work ethic has enabled me to risk everything to start The Shortcut and I hope you come along for the ride.

The Shortcut is a tech publication based in New York City.

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The Shortcut is the #1 consumer tech publication on Substack, designed to be your one-stop editorial guide to simplify your life. More than just PS5 restock information, we also cover news, reviews and provide best-in-class buying guides.


Adam is Senior Editor at The Shortcut and was previously the Gaming Hardware Editor at TechRadar. He's also worked at Nintendo of Europe as a Content Marketing Editor where he helped launch the Switch (he has a poster to prove it).
Callum was a writer at The Shortcut. He previously worked as News Writer at TechRadar, and has written freelance for the likes of The Telegraph, Dicebreaker and Clash.
Covering tech for the past decade, going hands-on with everything from phones and computers to e-bikes and drones. Catch me on Twitter at @Techn0Mark or on PCMag, IGN, TechRadar, Tom's Hardware, T3, Insider, and Reviewed.
I write The Shortcut, a Substack newsletter that's meant to simplify your life. I'm here to tell you what tech to buy and how to save money and time.
As Creative Director I oversee all video content on The Shortcut's YouTube and social channels and dabble in some editorial writing too. Catch me on Twitter and Instagram @baggingpsam.
A technology journalist since 2015. Find me listening to Frank Sinatra, floating in a kayak, or embarking on a quest through the written word (a.k.a. reading a book).