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Even empty, it is *really nice ... when I pulled the first glass panel on a white Corsair 5000X QL, the whole thing practically radiates power and purpose. And art. The QL includes three 120 intake fans and one exhaust, all-white with LEDs on both sides of each fan. 🥹 I was hesitant at first, but airflow channels around the glass work well for a 7700X/7900XT combo. Plus, if I had a 200W CPU and one of Nvidia's bragship graphics, easy peas, just remove the front/top glass, since all intake openings have a magnetic air filter.

Seriously, unpacking this thing and assembling a computer inside makes you feel like an old-world artisan at the peak of their skill, imbuing silicon and metal with light and life. The quality and features of the 5000X are so good, the price feels like a steal.

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