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Hey Matt, I don’t know if you know, probably, but haven’t seen anything except halo edition Xbox x’s. Microsoft sent out an email and I thought it was a scam. I work at their DC’s (no I don’t get info on stuff) so I called the number I know for sure is microsoft, they said it’s not a scam and for “non-bot” accounts. Told me it says sold out, but try anyway. Snagged a x box x, catch is, you have to buy a controller and a game so it came out to 644.83 all together. So I guess they are also doing an invite only? Just fyi for you and others. Thank you for all you’ve done man. I’d kiss you and ask you to marry me but I have a gf and I’m straight XD but seriously man. Thank you so much. Dropped a 20 2 streams ago and subbed to help support, I’m gonna pay it forward and hopefully my 2 email accounts I used when I had different PlayStations get the Sony invites, I’ll get the link and my info to some one on Facebook. Or a co-worker. Thank you. Much love! Stay golden! Peace

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