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Not quite ... see, this person, like many, internalizes the shortcomings of co-workers, rather than vocalize displeasure (no one should have to keep reminding Karen her TPS reports are late and incomplete). Over time, of course, it builds and weighs heavily on the mind, mirroring the gray world outside. His lack of appetite stems from a deleterious, lingering nausea courtesy of PS VR2 -- a solution suggested by an empathic, well-meaning spouse. She took responsibility for the nausea, despite not being her fault, because that's what loving partners do ... touch the shoulder and acknowledge the distress of a loved one. Earlier that evening, undaunted and accompanied by their daughter, she walked all the way to 22nd Street and bought a Nintendo Switch. Still queasy and low-key incensed at Karen, our guy was delighted to feel it all melt away under Tears of the Kingdom -- an indelible thrill affirmed by sunlight and carried through the next day, and the next.

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