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Jan 17, 2023Liked by Jackie Thomas

I agree with your assessment of the Spectre 360 - 13. I'm currently in possession of the 16" version with 16gb ram and 1 tb ssd with the 4k oled config from BB. Unfortunately, I'm torn between the 16" and the Lenovo yoga 9i 4k with virtually the same config. I've had them both for 1.5 months and go back and forth. If the Yoga were quieter, had better Wi-Fi results and an HDMI port it would be the no brainer. Similarly, if the Spectre was about .5 lbs lighter or had a smaller/lighter power supply it would be a no brainer. The Spectre did tone down the sharp edges from previous models, but it's still not pleasant to handle in all modes. At 16" and 4+lbs the tablet mode is highly unlikely to get much use. The 13" disappointed me with the ports right away which is why i'm auditioning the 16 alongside the 9i.

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