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I got the Corsair 1TB a few weeks ago. It is so unbelievably fast, so I moved all my load-heavy games to it. It's hilarious how quickly Horizon: Forbidden West loads. I used to hate waiting for Zero Dawn on my PS4 Slim. But it's a night and day difference on the PS5 with the Corsair. Within, like, 15 seconds of selecting the icon from the PS5's home menu, I'm Aloy.

Oh, and it was an easy installation. We should credit Sony for creating an awesome console that is a joy to work with. I love the plastic base and the way you can hide the screw so as not to lose it. I have to put my ps5 away every time, but I dont mind the process--the only issue is the weight and size; everything else, even how quickly it turns off, is lightyears ahead of my experience with the PS4

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Hi Matt and Adam! Great Article comparing the best NVME SSD's currently out in the Market. Whenever you two get a chance, can you both please review Samsung's latest ssd that came out recently the Samsung 990 Pro. I want to know if it's worth upgrading to this as I hear the speeds are faster than the one's you guys reviewed and is it worth the upgrade for my PS5. I currently own the 2TB 980 Pro. I also am hearing around a 4TB version of that is coming out in the future if I am not mistaken. Thanks ^;^

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Hey I have been trying to use your link for the Samsung SSD 980 Pro (1TB), but it keeps sending me to the 2TB one. I just would like to use your link to help out as you ask!

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Hi Matt and Adam,

I bought an Aorus Gen 4 , 2TB from your link and just had 2 dumb questions. First there was a thin clear plastic film on top of the heatsink. Should that stay on? Secondly my ps5 said the speed was 5500 not 7000 and mentioned something about removing it if games did not load properly?

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